Ice Maker Repair

Are you experiencing an ice outage in the peak of the heat? If your Ice maker is on the out, give us a call and we’ll service your needs right away! If you live around the Sammamish area. Then Shane’s Appliance Repair is the team for you.
If it’s an in-built icemaker – part of the freezer or fridge – or a portable machine, as long as it’s a major appliance brand, our team can guarantee same day repairs. If you challenge us with something a little more outside the norm, we’ll get it sorted – no worries. The team we have is packed skill and expertise to deal with any repair need.
Why did it break down?
The ideal temperature of an ice marker should lay between naught to five degree Fahrenheit. If it exceeds this – your machine is malfunctioning. There are many causes for this, but we’ll do our best to sift through them.
Prior to contacting us, you may be thinking whether or not an expert is worth the hassle. Great proposition. If you do not tinker with a trial and error approach, and own some experience in DIY repair work, you may have the knowledge to fix this issue on your own. However, we highly advise against this.
This is because:
Using a professional is the most affordable, harmless, appropriate and time-saving option. An expert has the knowledge on how repairs are undertaken. They are aware of the correct rulings and safety adherence needed to effectively and safely complete the job. These techs have the suitable tools for the repair at hand, without mentioning the abundance of experience. This means they won’t cause you any further harm, effectively making the job a whole lot cheaper.
Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair
Ice Maker isn’t working
As the control arm moves into position, the ice tray will fill, causing a pause in the ice making process. If the arm is jammed or physically relocated, the machine won’t operate.
A clog in the filter or water lining will stop the necessary flow of water to create ice, defecting the machine. It is also common for the inlet valve to become blocked with rubbish. It may also be a result of a defective door switch.
A strong clean or installation of refreshed parts in the case they’re damaged will alleviate the aforementioned concerns.
If there is a leak on the outer or inside of the freezer, this may be due to an uneven leveling. The lining may also need replacing. It is simple to make sure the fridge, freezer, or solitary ice maker is fully level. If this does not work then its best to give us a call!
Ice won’t eject/tastes bad/looks odd
If your ice doesn’t taste right, you may be dealing with a valve or filter issue. This may require repair or replacement. There could also be something stuck within the dispenser system.
The lack of ice cube ejection may be down to motor or thermostat malfunctioning.
Is it time for a replacement?
You should be aware that a properly cared for machine will last around five years. Once this exceeds, there is risk of malfunctioning, which may require replacing. We have the team to help with this!
Whatever your concern, our team have the knowledge to fix it.